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Highlander Muse

Prompt, Fic, Roleplay

The Community for Highlander Muses & Writers


December 25th, 2006


Duncan MacLeod
Alexa Bond




If you wish to apply for membership to this prompt, RP and fic community, please leave a reply here with the following:

1. Mun name or nickname
2. Muse name and canon source, or connection to fandom
3. Muse journal link
4. Answer this question: "What does Immortality mean to you?" with a fic of not more than 500 words and not less than 100 words.
5. If an OC, what other communities have you written in?
6. If a mortal, what is your connection to the fandom?
7. If you have a historical muse, tell us why you think they would have been a logical choice for an Immortal.

All comments will be screened and you will be notified if an invite code is issued. No one may have more than two main canon muses.

If you simply want to hold a muse, you may also post here. You will have one week to complete the application.

May 19th, 2006

Hello! Manda here, one of the mods, welcoming everyone who might have an interest in the Highlander fandom.

We welcome all Immortal and Watcher muses, as well as any muns who are interested in the fandom. We are not a fic writing or prompt community. This is an open forum for discussion, fangirling, giving information and sharing of fics, graphics, icons and other HL related info.

You can join in, as you please. Our biggest rule here is about respect. Even within any fandom, there are bound to be people who see things different than others. Keep and open mind, and respect fellow members.

And feel free to tell your friends about us.

The first discussion topic we'd like to throw out there is for the muses, so IC responses, please.

What religious views did you hold before you became an Immortal, and have those views changed since? How and why?
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